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About us

Our Inspiration

“Every man is in difficulty in so many ways.” And we are all looking for ways to come out of that difficult place.

While Buddha has always reminded us that, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional,” practicing this in our day-to-day life looks like moving a big mountain.

We need to remind ourselves to find joy in the little things that makes us alive, recharge our need to be closer to nature and purity, embrace the journey we are in, no matter how imperfect and broken we are, and be present in it.

Saukhya hopes to be a part of that journey with our community.  There is no direct translation of “Sukhaya” in English. The closest meaning for it is contentment, in harmony, happy, pleasure, and delight. In Saukhya, we believe we need to practice every day to be in that state.

We want to provide moment of contentment and be that reminder to embrace that joy that you have in your everyday life, be it with our products or our services.

We curate beautiful products, hoping to satisfy all of your five senses to help you achieve a “Sukhaya” living. True to its name, our company aims to bring contentment by creating a fine balance of senses, for the people and the planet.

Through our services, we want to be a part of your creative and healing process. We hope to bring you closer to your awareness and nature. Come play with your hands, create, heal, meditate, realize you are breathing,


Our Pop-Up Concept Store

We are currently collaborating with Cuppas Café- PutaliSadak (map) as an experimental pop-up concept store. With a sip of your favorite coffee, you will be able to get a touch and feel of our products and surround yourself with the goodness of carefully curated hand crafts.

Saukhya Cares

We work with local producers to amplify their voices and preserve their local tradition and heritage. From home décor to sustainable lifestyle products, we hope to touch the lives of our customers, and bolster the lives of people who created them.


We believe that it is possible to create a win-win situation where people can thrive together with the planet. Hence, Sukhaya is determined to be that medium that connects special artists, artisans, and growers that align with safe practices for consumers and environment, so that all parties feel empowered and elevated.

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